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Siddha Yog
(Maha Yog)
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Initiation – There are three ways of Transmission of Spiritual Power:

These ways of initiation can be explained by citing an illustrative example: suppose there is a sweet and ripe fruit at the top of a tree. To enjoy the taste of the fruit:

(1)  An ant slowly comes to the trunk of the tree, slowly marches forward to the branch of a tree and enjoys the taste of the fruit. This way is known as the Ants-path (pipilika-marg).
(2)  A monkey jumps from a tree, comes from a distance to this branch of the tree and directly starts enjoying the fruit. This way is known as the 'Monkey-path' (markat-marg).
(3)  A bird flying in the sky directly pecks at the fruit with its beak and start eating. This way is known as the 'birds'-path' (vihangam-marg).
The path of the SIDDHA YOGA which SAINT SHRI JNANESHWAR MAHARAJ experienced and advocated, is this 'vihangam-marg' (birds' path).      

Authorisation for imparting initiation  (Spiritual Power):
(Samya and A-Samya Deeksha):

As stated above, there are four methods of initiation: by touch, sight (glance), word and will of the Spiritual master. The authorisation of imparting initiation can be classified as mentioned below in their ways of initiation:

(a) Authority possessing the power of transmission to initiate others is known as Samya Deeksha.
(b)  Authority that does not possess the power of transmission is known as A-Samya-Deesha. Each way of Initiation has two differences which are explained below:

(i) (a)  Initiation through 'touch': 
Just as one oil-lamp kindles up any oiled wick the moment it touches it, in the same way, the disciples who have been authorised by their masters can transmit (impart) the same powers into other aspirants. Such disciples can be considered as transmitters of Spiritual powers and they can continue the tradition of their Spiritual master.

(b) By the touch of a philosopher's stone, iron turns into gold, but the transmuted gold does not have the capacity to transform other iron pieces into gold. It means that by the grace of a Spiritual master though the disciple has attained his life's goal of God-realisation, he does not have ability to transmit his powers into other aspirants (unless authorised by his Spiritual master). These are the two differences in the way of initiation by 'touch'.

 (ii)  Initiation through 'word' (mantra):

     (a)  A young cuckoo hears the voice of its mother and gains its own voice. After some period of time the grown up young-ones has the power of awakening the same voice within its own young-ones who are listening to her voice.
     (b)  A peacock is delighted to hear the thundering sound of clouds but it cannot delight other peacocks by its voice.
A Spiritual master initiates deserving disciple through word (mantra) and makes him feel satisfied for achieving his life's goal and further he may by a special favour make the disciple an initiator who can transmit his Spiritual powers through word (mantra) and thus continue the tradition of his master.

     (iii) Initiation through 'glance' (sight):
An example of the tortoise is worth studying for the purpose of understanding initiation by glance.

(a) A tortoise nourishes its young-ones simply by keeping an eye over them. A tortoise nourishes its young-ones by mere concentration of its sight and the young-ones get from it the same nourishing power which awakens in it later on when it is needed for the purpose.

  • The Greek Partridges are delighted to see the moon-beams, but they themselves cannot delight others of their own kind.
(iv)Initiation through 'will':

(a) The fish nourishes its young-ones by the concentration of will. The former gives that power to its young-ones. The young ones later on, when grown up can also nourish their young-one by will-power. This occurs (happens) only through the 'God-graced' will-power.

(b) A juggler may create towns, trees, roads and wells; but these objects do not have power to create other objects by will.

It should be borne in mind that it is only by the grace of God or of the Spiritual master that the initiated are empowered to transmit the Spiritual power into others. Such transmission by the unauthorised will harm the doer and the receiver too.


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