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Shri Bhau Maharaj Niturkar
Siddha Yog
(Maha Yog)
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ShaktiPat Yoga dikha Initiation


SHAKTIPAT (Transmission of Spiritual power)

Descent of Spiritual Power:
Though the Divine Power (Serpent Power or Kundalini Shakti) is all pervading and eternal it remains trapped in an individual by the sinful deeds of his/her past many births, but by the grace of the Spiritual master, the sins committed by the initiated are uprooted and the dormant (inactive) Serpent Power (Kundalini shakti) becomes active. The layers of this Primal Power (Adi Shakti) or (Kundalini Shakti) are removed and she emerges (comes out) into her original form of the Divine Entity by the transmission of the Spiritual power. The Serpent Power being activated (awakened), the vital force (Prana) rises upward through sushumna and consequently mind and Life Force (Prana) both merge into one completely, without any efforts by the aspirant. Therefore this path is known as the SIDDHA YOGA (self-equipped path) or MAHA YOGA.

The important difference between the SIDDHA YOGA and other Yogic path is that the Followers of the other systems have to make strenuous (hard) efforts to achieve the Final Goal. While the followers of the SIDDHA YOGA - having been initiated, experiences automatic physical movements of all the Four Yogas, namely Hatha, Mantra, Laya and Raja according to the need of his body, mind and accumulated impressions of the past deeds. If an aspirant needs Bandha, Mudra and Pranayama (breath control) to purify his mind, Prana (Life Force) and senses, these yogic feats (postures) would happen automatically. If an aspirant needs mantra, he would receive it in a dream or through the divine utterances. It is also observed that the Spiritual progress of a devotee absorbed in God's worship is accelerated and he attains higher stages like MANONMANI and A-MANASKA (higher thoughtless state of mind) by the grace of the Serpent Power (Divine Power)  (Kundalini Shakti). It can be stated firmly that for the complete purification of an aspirant's mind and body, the Divine Power (the Serpent Power) takes the charge of an aspirant for his/her Spiritual progress and herself employs one or all the four ways of Yoga. Hence this path is also known as MAHA YOGA. This state of mind can be achieved spontaneously and instantly by the grace of a Spiritual master. Restraint over tendencies of mind mentioned in YOGA DARSHAN by the great sage PATANJALI can be achieved by the grace of a Spiritual master.  Function is the same; but the process of SIDDHA YOGA is simple and easy.


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