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Shri Bhau Maharaj Niturkar
Siddha Yog
(Maha Yog)
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The Serpent Power (Divine Power):-

The Serpent Power having coiled up in three and half turns resides at the base of the spinal cord i.e. in Mooladhara. Her original form is similar to the light of Millions of lamps put together. It's awakening is quite necessary for the Spiritual progress of an aspirant.
After the initiation, the initiated feels the presence of the Serpent Power (Divine Power). It is felt in the form of Life Force - Prana being controlled through the automatic process that takes place by the grace of a Spiritual master. As Divine Power (Serpent Power) remains dormant (inactive) at the base of the spinal column (mooladhara), supreme power in him remains covered i.e. dormant, the aspirant remains ignorant of his own self and his own power.
The aspirant is the form of God Shiva and the supreme power in him remains (dormant) covered. The supreme power gives rise to Life Force (Prana), (i.e. breath), Fire (Agni), Vital point (Bindu) and sound (nada). To regain this knowledge of the Serpent Power, one has to surrender himself completely to the Spiritual master, for his favorable grace. This supreme power has been called by different names because of her different functional aspects. Some call her as the Primal (Fundamental) power. Some as Sushumna, some as Kundalini (Serpent Power), some as Saraswati (Deity of learning. She is also known as Maha Maya, Maha Devi, Maha Laxmi, because of here presence in one's body, mind and breath (Prana) are active. All the activities of the world spring from this supreme power. Aspirants who are not initiated do not get the real benefits of their efforts of practicing meditation, of learning scriptures for knowledge etc. of yogic practices, of recitation of God's name, of penance, of worship of God or of any kind of religious service. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for an aspirant to get initiated. Our physical birth is due to our mother, whereas our Spiritual birth is due to the initiation of our Spiritual master. Once the Serpent Power is awakened, the yogic practices, the recitation of holy (God's) name (mantra), worship of God, reading of holy verses; in whatsoever form they are performed, yield good results. The life of the initiated person turns into one full of Spiritual joy.



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