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Shri Bhau Maharaj Niturkar
Siddha Yog
(Maha Yog)
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The importance of the Life Force (Prana)
The SIDDHA YOGA - Initiation
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The Easy Path of the SIDDHA YOGA
ShaktiPat Yoga dikha Initiation


The Power of the Spiritual Master (Guru Tattva): The true nature of the Spiritual power):

An aspirant has to surrender himself to the Spiritual master and  pray to him personally or through a prayer-letter for bestowing on him his grace to awaken his Divine Power (Kundalini). Just as a lamp is kindled by another lamp, a Spiritual master awakens the Serpent Power (Kundalini) of the aspirant, who surrenders himself to the Spiritual master with full faith and devotion. Consequently, all his sins are gradually wiped off and the initiated begins to feel the presence of the Divine Power. This is how the Spiritual master bestows his grace naturally. According to the Spiritual science, the principle, which makes the initiated feel the direct experience of the transmission of power (SHAKTIPAT), is the grace of the Spiritual master. Preceptors of the Vedas call this Spiritual power as "CHITI SHAKTI". Yogis call her the Serpent Power (Kundalini) whereas mantra-yogis call her "Mantra-Chaitanya-Shakti".

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