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Shri Bhau Maharaj Niturkar
Siddha Yog
(Maha Yog)
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Life Force (Prana) : The Real Bosom Friend : - of Man :

There is no one who does not know the Life Force (Prana) for in the practical life everybody knows that the Life Force (Prana) means the involuntary process of breathing (breath). The importance of this Deity is very easy to understand.

The Life Force (Prana) is the vital principle of the whole world; and a common man is able to understand its importance. In the practical life one may say, "Someone is my bosom friend and is dearer to me like the Life Force (Prana)". But it may happen that due to difference of opinion in due course, the two may get separated and their friendship is broken. It is only the Life Force (Prana) from the beginning of life till its end, maintains the real friendship (friendly ties) and deserves to be called the real friend = bosom friend. The compound word "Life-Friend", should be understood in such a way that Life Force (Prana) is the 'real eternal friend' or the intimate friend. For if the Life Force (Prana) deserts the mortal body of a man, his life comes to an end.
According to the philosophy of the Upanishads "the Life Force (Prana) itself is nectar". The aphorism is quite known and popular. Another aphorism in the Prshnopanishad 2-13 states the importance of the life force (Prana):
"all this, in this world as well as, all that is in heaven is, under the control of Prana, we pray Him to protect us just as a mother does her sons".
Breath can be understood as the moving form of the Life Force. The still breath contains profound energy. The energy in the breath is indebted to the Life Force (Prana)




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