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Shri Bhau Maharaj Niturkar
Siddha Yog
(Maha Yog)
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ShaktiPat Yoga dikha Initiation


The Rituals to be performed by an aspirant on the day of Initiation:

(a) On the day of initiation, before the appointed time of initiation, an aspirant should get up early, perform his morning routine, take a bath, perform his daily rituals, such as the worship of his own deity and the family deity, or any other rituals which he thinks necessary.

(b) He should bow down at the feet of his parents and elder brother and obtain their blessings. A wife should bow down to her husband.

(c) He should garland his own deity (favourite), offer a watery coconut with its fibrous end towards the deity (God) and offer some money as a token of offerings to the Spiritual master.

(d) He should spread a woolen carpet or a carpet of thick cloth, covered with a piece of clean white cloth and he should be all alone in the room.

(e) An aspirant should preferably put on loose garments, sit in the middle of the room, on a carpet facing the East or the North, and leaving equal distance on either side of his carpet (seat). He should sit in such a way that the place of his Deity (God) should be either on his left or right side, but it should not (never) be at his back side. At the allotted time of initiation, he should close his eyes and contemplate on the image of the Spiritual master.

(g) Initially he should inhale breath speedily and exhale slowly seven to eight times.

(h) Afterwards he should relax his body completely and watch automatic natural breathing (slow and fast) and should keep himself free from voluntary actions.

(i)  He should concentrate his mind on automatic breathing.

(j)  Physical movements arising from within should be given absolute freedom.

(k) In this way keeping his eyes closed he should devote one hour or move for meditation.

(l)   After the meditation, when the eyes get automatically opened, he should bow down to his Deity (God) and break the coconut and distribute pieces to all the members of the family.

N.B.:  Special Instructions:

     (i)    During the meditation keep your eyes closed.

    (ii)    For convenience, you can change the physical posture during the meditation.

   (iii)    In this way after performing the meditation every day, by the end of the month,  an aspirant should submit a report of his Spiritual progress to the Spiritual master. There is no need of offering garland and coconut every day.

   (iv)    One should not sit for meditation after the meal at least for four hours. You can have your meal ten minutes after the meditation.

    (v)    One should not narrate one's experiences to others without the permission of the Spiritual master.

    (vi)  All the doors and windows of the meditation room should be closed. You can keep a lamp with dim light.

   (vii)   The Spiritual progress will be faster if the meditation is performed at the meditation centre of the SIDDHA YOGA

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