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Shri Bhau Maharaj Niturkar
Siddha Yog
(Maha Yog)
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The SIDDHA YOGA for the Upliftment of the Nation and of the World at large.

The SIDDHA YOGA which is capable of uplifting a person towards perfection is equally competent enough to elevate a nation and the world too.

Revered Shri Gulawani Maharaj the SAINT and adept in transmission of power, once delivered a lecture, the only one in his time on 26th May 1957. In his address he stated that the basic principles of the SIDDHA YOGA are beneficial to the nation and to the whole universe too. Following the practice of the SIDDHA YOGA, an aspirant can free himself from an incurable disease. In the same manner the process of inner purification of all the people can elevate the nation. He explicitly said “Even if the devout aspirants resort to this path for their self fulfilment, the invaluable knowledge of this path of the SIDDHA YOGA will certainly prove beneficial to India and through her to the whole world. It is the experience of many aspirants that their sinful tendencies have been diminished and their emotions have been purified. The inner purification is the real protecting and safeguarding power of the nation”. Only the righteous persons can achieve this power by the favourable grace of the able Spiritual master. He said further, “it is the prime duty of all torch bearers of the nation to concentrate on such a Spiritual path capable of increasing the strength of the nation. After much deliberation, it is concluded that the real prestige of India depends on their careful and sincere efforts on this line. He explicitly stated that by the awakening of the Serpent Power of each and every individual and by the grace and blessing of the Supreme Lord, this path of the SIDDHA YOGA which is beneficial to the whole world, will gradually be known to the people of the world.


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