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Shri Bhau Maharaj Niturkar
Siddha Yog
(Maha Yog)
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The SIDDHA YOGA - Initiation
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ShaktiPat Yoga dikha Initiation


Obligatory rituals to be performed by the initiated:

The rituals as advocated by the scriptures of the respective religion, should be performed along with the Siddha yoga meditation.(15)    Solutions to the doubts and difficulties of the initiated:

(a) After the initiation, an aspirant undergoes certain experiences by means of which Spiritual progress is achieved further through his enthusiasm. But after some time, he may feel that there is a no perceptible progress and hence he is not persistent in his daily Spiritual practice (meditation). In fact, once the activated Divine Power (Kundalini) continues her upward march in a gross or a subtle way, till she attains perfection - becomes one with the Lord (Shiva). Hence, without getting despaired and keeping full faith in the power transmitted by the Spiritual master and relying on the earlier experiences as the testimony of the real path, he should continue his meditation with greater zeal and enthusiasm.

(b)  Many aspirants say, "we simply sit for meditation, but we don't get any sort of experiences, therefore we don't have any incentive for performing meditation". Just as during the monsoon the sky is over cast (covered) by clouds which obstruct our sight of the sun. The powerful actions of the past and the present deeds hamper out Spiritual progress and the gross Spiritual experiences apparently seem to recede. It should be borne in mind that as soon as the sun-covering clouds over the sky get dispersed, the rays of the sun of self-consciousness (individual soul) will be visible and the presence of the activated Serpent Power (Divine Power) will be felt in a gross or subtle form.

(c) The other important thing is that this lamp of knowledge kindled by the Spiritual master is not experienced clearly for some time due to some reasons; but in course of time its light will again definitely be experienced by the aspirant leading him to his life's goal. This eternal truth should be borne in mind by the aspirant. Sometimes, aspirants get despaired for he does not have any experience, for a long time. In that case whatever the Spiritual master says is the ultimate authority and there the activity called luminosity (tranquil state of mind) will take place.

This aspiration of achieving the self-realisation in this very life should always be kept in mind. He should always be enthusiastic in Spiritual practice.

(d) It is observed that as aspirants do not have complete knowledge about the expected experiences, they are unable to comprehend their own experiences which come up from the awakened Serpent Power (Divine Power) which indicate signs of their Spiritual progress. In one case, an initiated got up after half an hour from his meditation, as if woken up from deep slumber but later on he came to know that it was an involuntary experience of yogic trance (yoga-nidra), or of Manonmani stage.

(e)  Obstacles in the Spiritual practice:

By any means if there is any obstacle in the Spiritual practice or if any error is committed by an aspirant, the fire of yoga (yogagni) and the persistent regular practice (meditation) will remove the obstacle and will wipe out the effects of an error. Examples of such obstacles and errors are;

  • Irregular in-take of diet (food),
  • Indifference towards the daily Spiritual practice (meditation) due to laziness,
  • Negligence in the Spiritual practice,
  • Having doubts about the ultimate goal of realization,
  • Non-performance of the regular practice of meditation,
  • Excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures,
  • Confused state of mind,
  • Dissatisfaction over the (due to) setback in Spiritual progress.

An aspirant may say, "I do not witness any good Spiritual experiences now, as I had earlier". Such a mental state and all the above mentioned obstacles may obstruct the Spiritual progress. SAINT Shri Tukaram Maharaj advises the aspirants in the following verses:  

"whatever may happen, whether the body perishes or lasts, my faith in Divine Power (God-Pandurang) will remain steadfast".

It is the best remedy over all obstacles. An aspirant, firm in his devotion will attain his final goal of realisation. SAINT SHRI JNANESHWAR MAHARAJ in the 18th chapter of his book 'JNANESWARI' advises the aspirant that (verse no.1799):

"Even after having obtained perfection, the realised should worship the primeval all pervading God constantly, that means he should continue his Spiritual practice constantly even after realisation (ch.18, 1799)".

Total faith in the Spiritual master will definitely dissolve all the obstacles in the path of the Spiritual practice.

(f)  An easy way for the progress of the Spiritual practice:

Before the meditation, the practice of deep breathing will be useful for the Spiritual progress. Deep breathing should be performed eight or ten times, if necessary more times. Inhaling of breath quickly through both nostrils, holding it for sometimes and exhaling it slowly or the practice of rapid inhalation and exhalation (Bhasrika) will definitely enhance the Spiritual progress.
(g)  Eradication of the past imprints: Uprooting of the past (imprints) impressions:

The impressions of the past deeds (sins) will slowly wipe off when Spiritual practice is regularly continued after the awakening of the Serpent Power (Divine Power).
(h)  Assurance of Definite Success in self-realisation - (perfection) :

It is true that even if an aspirant has the lowest Spiritual capability or even if he is involved in worldly pleasures, he will surely one day, sooner or later reach the highest state of perfection, as his Spiritual power, is awakened. The speed of the Spiritual progress may be less than the aspirant who follows the rules or has better spiritual capability at the time of initiation.
Aspirants should always bear in mind this inspiring message which promises success in the efforts. The regular practice of meditation is the only means to the final success.

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