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Shri Bhau Maharaj Niturkar
Siddha Yog
(Maha Yog)
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The importance of the Life Force (Prana)
The SIDDHA YOGA - Initiation
The Distinguishing Features of this Path
The Easy Path of the SIDDHA YOGA
ShaktiPat Yoga dikha Initiation



The SIDDHA YOGA is useful to all sects, traditions, paths, organizations and ideologies.

In the present time ideologies which currently activate and lead to social awakening, will also find this path of Spiritual awakening useful. SAINT SHRI JNANESHWAR MAHARAJ, the foremost exponent of the traditional path of devotion, known as Warkari-Sect, has spread the doctrines of SIDDHA YOGA. He himself was initiated into this path of SIDDHA YOGA by the grace of his elder brother Shri Nivruttinath and got his Divine Power (Kundalini) awakened. He has explicitly elucidated (made clear) the path of SIDDHA YOGA in his book called JNANESWARI (Bhavartha Dipika) which is the critical appreciation of the BHAGWAT GEETA. The sixth chapter of the Geeta offers us the knowledge pertaining to the SIDDHA YOGA. This easiest path of SIDDHA YOGA has been upheld by SHRI JNANESHWAR MAHARAJ. He states in his book:

"Is there any path so simple as this path of yoga"? (Ch.6-363).
In this way he inspires people to follow it by bringing out the simplicity of this yoga. It is my sincere request to all the Spiritual pilgrims of different sects and traditions and to all those who are engaged in national awakening and the work of national uplift. To them, this path of SIDDHA YOGA will be useful.


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